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Directory of Approved Training Offices 

External Audit Approved Training Offices Directory

A comprehensive directory of Approved Training Offices that have been approved to train Students is available. Find an External Audit Approved Training Office in a location convenient to you by clicking on the desired region of the Ontario map.

The Approved Training Offices are categorized as:

  1. National - those that have offices in more than three provinces;
  2. Regional - those that have more than one office in Ontario or in Ontario and up to two other provinces; or
  3. Local - those that have only one office in Ontario.


Outside External Audit Career Paths

The following offices have been approved to train Students in the province of Ontario in outside external audit career paths.  Additional information is available at the Approved Training Office website

ATOBusiness UnitCity
A&J LLP  Mississauga
Abacus Chartered Accountant Professional Corporation  Ottawa
Accountant on Main Chartered Accountant Professional Corporation  Georgetown
Richard Adelman, Chartered Accountant Professional Corporation  Richmond Hill
Allied Associates LLP  Peterborough
Allied Associates LLP  London
ap Valuations Limited  Toronto
Ark Accounting & Tax Professional Corporation  Kitchener
Barrick Gold Corporation  Toronto
BDO Canada LLP  Guelph
BDO Canada LLP  Mississauga
BDO Canada LLP  Sault Ste. Marie
BDO Canada LLP Outside of External AuditMarkham
BDO Canada LLP Direct-to-TaxOwen Sound
BDO Canada LLP Direct-to-TaxWiarton
BDO Canada LLP FAS - ValuationWaterloo
BDO Canada LLP  Toronto
BDO Canada LLP Outside of External AuditBurlington
BDO Canada LLP Financial Advisory Services - ForensicsToronto
BDO Canada LLP Financial Advisory Services - ValuationsToronto
BDO Canada LLP Mergers & AcquisitionsToronto
The Beer Store  Mississauga
Bell Canada  North York
Bell Canada  Mississauga
Benson Inkster Brighton Professional Corporation  London
BGD LLP  Mississauga
Gary Booth CA Professional Corporation  Etobicoke
Bowler & Company Chartered Accountant Professional Corporation  Markdale
Mr. Steven Brates, CA  Mississauga
Brookfield Asset Management  Toronto
Brownlow Partners  Ancaster
Mr. David Burkes, CA  Richmond Hill
Business Development Bank of Canada Outside of External AuditToronto
CACEIS (Canada) Limited Outside of External AuditMississauga
Cadesky and Associates LLP  Toronto
Cadesky and Associates LLP  Toronto
Cambridge Mercantile Corp Internal Audit and Accounting & Financial DepartmentToronto
Campanella McDonald LLP  Oakville
Campbell Valuation Partners Ltd. OEA - Financial ReportingToronto
Canadian Investor Protection Fund  Toronto
Canadian Tire Corporation Rotational ProgramToronto
Canadian Title Loan Corporation  Oakville
CAPREIT (Canadian Apartment Properties REIT) CAPREITToronto
Celestica Inc.  Toronto
Chaggares & Bonhomme, Chartered Professional Accountants  Newmarket
Paul Chan Professional Corporation  Richmond Hill
Chasson & Greenglass LLP  Toronto
Rajeev Chopra CA Professional Corporation  North York
CIBC Finance  Toronto
Clark & Horner LLP  Toronto
The Co-operators Group Limited  Guelph
Cohen Hamilton Steger & Co.  Toronto
Collins Barrow (Vaughan) LLP  Vaughan
Collins Barrow Ottawa LLP Tax GroupOttawa
Collins Barrow, Sudbury-Nipissing LLP  Sudbury
Com Dev International Ltd.  Cambridge
Commonwealth Fund Services Ltd.  Toronto
Constellation Software Inc.  Toronto
CREIT Management L. P.  Toronto
Crowe Horwath Global Risk Consulting ULC Outside of External AuditToronto
Crowe Soberman LLP Corporate Recovery and InsolvencyToronto
Crowe Soberman LLP TaxToronto
Crowe Soberman LLP Recovery and TurnaroundToronto
Cusimano Professional Corporation  Toronto
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Enterprise RiskKanata
Deloitte LLP Deloitte TaxKanata
Deloitte LLP Deloittel Financial AdvisoryVaughan
Deloitte LLP Deloitte TaxVaughan
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Enterprise RiskVaughan
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Enterprise RiskKitchener
Deloitte LLP Deloitte TaxKitchener
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Enterprise RiskWindsor
Deloitte LLP Deloitte TaxWindsor
Deloitte LLP Deloitte TaxMississauga
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Enterprise RiskMississauga
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Enterprise RiskNorth York
Deloitte LLP Deloitte TaxNorth York
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Enterprise RiskToronto
Deloitte LLP Finance & Performance ManagementToronto
Deloitte LLP Deloitte TaxToronto
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Enterprise RiskBurlington
Deloitte LLP Deloitte TaxBurlington
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Audit & Advisory - FinanceOttawa
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Audit & Advisory - FinanceToronto
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Enterprise RiskSt. Catharines
Deloitte LLP Deloitte TaxSt. Catharines
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Financial AdvisoryToronto
Deloitte LLP Finance & Performance ManagementOttawa
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Enterprise RiskHawkesbury
Deloitte LLP Deloitte TaxLondon
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Enterprise RiskLondon
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Enterprise RiskOttawa
Deloitte LLP Financial AdvisoryOttawa
Deloitte LLP Deloitte TaxOttawa
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Enterprise RiskToronto
Deloitte LLP Deloitte TaxToronto
Deloitte LLP Deloitte Financial AdvisoryToronto
Duff & Phelps Canada Limited Outside of External AuditToronto
Durward Jones Barkwell & Company LLP TaxGrimsby
Durward Jones Barkwell & Company LLP TaxSt. Catharines