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Co-op Experience 

Complete These Forms if:

  • You have successfully completed a work term as part of a recognized co-operative degree program
  • You have successfully completed the co-operative degree program

Please note: The co-op Student is responsible for submitting a co-op experience certification form at the end of each work term and for notifying CPA Ontario at the beginning and end of each academic break by submitting a change of employment form.

Once the Student graduates successfully from a recognized co-operative degree program, the Student must:

  • Provide CPA Ontario with an original transcript showing conferral of university degree and a University Co-op Report. Please contact educational CPA Ontario for more information on how to obtain these documents
  • A change of employment form indicating the full-time start date at an office/unit designated to train Students.


Please note: If for any reason it is no longer your intention to complete the co-op program that you initially registered with, please notify CPA Ontario immediately.