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Our PD instructors, guest authors and Institute staff write articles on a wide-range of subjects including, leadership, management, life-long learning, internet resources and other topics of interest to the membership.

Do You Speak Well?

In a survey of 1500 professionals, the top three benefits of being an excellent speaker are respect, persuasion, and career advancement.  The top three consequences of poor speaking are being underestimated, being perceived as less intelligent, and unfulfilled potential.  

The Art of Wielding the Axe in the Office - Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail - Wallace Immen

To be effective, a primary task for an incoming chief executive is to determine if he or she has the right people in the right roles.  If the evidence is contrary, you must make the changes quickly. Letting the decision drag on or avoiding it only undermines your early initiatives.

Create Happiness. Don’t just Consume it.

Isabelle St. Jean

Fortunately, with the boomers’ generation demanding it, financial professionals now recognize the imperative of a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to retirement planning; one that considers all success factors, not just financial security.

Challenging the Risk and Reward of Funds

Lawrence Wong, CPA, CA

The stock market crash of 2008-09 had a devastating effect on many Canadians’
retirement dreams. Many are now wondering if they’ll ever be able to retire. So, what should people do now and how can their financial advisors help? Are the old rules of personal finance obsolete?

Becoming a CEO - National Post

Dr. Jim Murray

In the National Post, Dr. Jim Murray discusses how the average board spends just two hours per year on CEO succession planning. It's not difficult to see that failure to plan for leadership transition leaves a company vulnerable to unexpected changes.  

Genuine People Will Get Genuine Results

Kimberley Richardson

Cultivate relationships with your clients by getting away from the sales pitch, and turning it into providing value.  Earn your clients' trust by being genuine, and respecting and identifying their needs.  It sounds easy, but it requires intention and a change in mindset.

Find Out What Ails Clients and Help Cure It

Larry Ginsberg, FCPA, FCA

Having survived some turbulent times, companies just re-focus their energy on what has changed.  The recession and its recovery have brought about changes in industry regulation, consumer habits, new competitors, and gaps left by former competitors.  All of these changes present opportunities for companies to take advantage of, and are the key to their survival in the new world.

Networth - Checkmark - IFRS Online Resources

Susan Cox, CPA, CA

Outlines a number of online courses and web resources that can help members in the changeover to IFRS. In addition to these online resources, CPA Ontario offers a comprehensive series of half-day to two-day courses on IFRS, many of which will be presented in the Spring/Summer PD Program that runs from May through July. 

Successful Career has a Plan and Goals

Carolyn Cohen, CPA, CA, MSW

There really are two basic approaches to managing a career. On the one end of the spectrum, there are those people who just let things happen;
on the other end are those who carefully develop a career path, with steps and goals set out along the way.

First, Take a Deep Breath in Face of Stress

Karen Denega

In the last decade or so, stress has become endemic in the workplace as pressure to improve organizational and personal performance continually increased, while changes in technology, such as pagers and personal digital assistants, began to shift the working day from 9 a.m
to 5 p.m. towards 24/7.

Taking the Time to Manage Yourself

Cal Sutliff, M.A.

For today’s busy professional, managing relationships is almost a full-time job, whether it involves serving clients, pleasing the boss or working with peers. But many people are ignoring their most critical task — developing and perfecting self management skills.

Slow Action Weakens Managers Authority

Carolyn Cohen CPA, CA, MSW

During the course of most financial professionals’ careers, they’re likely going to find themselves in a management role, whether it’s running a small practice, team, department or major corporation.

Fraud and Recession Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage

Ken Froese, CPA, CA•IFA, FCFI

CPAs know that the risk of fraud increases in an economic downturn. As the economy worsens, downsizing reduces management layers, compromising internal controls in the process. With fewer internal controls and less supervision, employees have an increased opportunity to commit fraud.

Management Myths

Carolyn Cohen CPA, CA, MSW

In most disciplines, ideas, concepts and practices are researched, put forth and then seen as absolute truths never to be questioned or challenged. Such is the case with management practices such as open-door policies and staff motivation.

Interviews as sharp truth-seeking tools

Frank Wozniak and Robert Montrose

Everyone has seen movie police interrogation scenes with officers in darkened rooms, ‘sweating’ suspects under bright lights, but the reality is usually quite different and, in fact, almost everyone will encounter situations that require them to obtain useful information from people who may be reluctant or uncooperative.

Best Speakers Captivate Any Audience

John Plank M.A.

There’s a point in every career where a person has to decide whether they’d like to remain backstage or step into the spotlight and take a leading role. 

Mapping the Path from CA to CFO

Susan Cox CPA, CA

Since almost 60 per cent of the companies on the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Top 1,000 Companies already employ a chartered professional accountant as the chief financial officer, it’s obvious that CPA, CAs have been making their way to that C-suite position for a long time.

Wanted: Smart Leaders for Troubled Times

Robert Gagnon CPA, CA

The world is changing exponentially and we increasingly face daunting, unforeseen challenges. If ever there was a time for new ways of thinking, this is surely it.

Firing Done Right

Carolyn Cohen CPA, CA, MSW

Terminating an employee is not rocket science nor is it anything to lose sleep over if you've done your job. What people management issue gives managers sleepless nights? Without question, it's firing an employee. There are many reasons why individuals are terminated.

Powerless About Performance?

Carolyn Cohen CPA, CA, MSW

It’s been brought to your attention that the performance of one of your employees (or maybe even your own) is slipping: work is turned in with mistakes; deadlines are missed; some tasks are ignored; goals are not met. Because you are dealing with people, problems are sensitive and require customized solutions. For the best results, don’t try to fix problems alone, make it a collaborative effort.

Leadership: People Skills More Important than Technical Skills

Dr. Jim Murray

In their ongoing pursuit of professional development, whether updating or upgrading, accountants show a decided preference for courses that focus on the technical aspects of their business. This is understandable, especially when the knowledge acquisition involves changes to the tax codes or even more substantial requirements, such as the adoption of the new International Financial Reporting Standards.

Ontario Institute Teams up with the CICA to Provide IFRS Support

Susan Gimblett CPA, CA

Archival article as Canada moved closer to adopting International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in 2011. 

Empower Your People and Reap the Rewards

Helen Roditis CPA, CA

An increasing number of companies are starting to look beyond productivity when investing time and money to develop high-performing teams. This new wave of professional development is addressing “positivity” in the workplace because both productivity and work satisfaction are so closely related.

How to Take a Company to the Top - and Keep it There

Dr. Vijay Jog

There is now undisputed evidence that more than two-thirds of publicly listed companies do not create shareholder value. Moreover, a large number of those that succeed seem to derive their success from events or items over which they have very little control.

Seven Deadly Sins of Corporate Governance

Michael Gunns FCPA, FCA

The asset backed commercial paper crisis rocking the world's financial centres begs two questions: Where were the boards of directors during the lead-up to this crisis? And, why weren't they able to effectively carry out their most crucial role, of making their organizations more accountable and effective?

Successful Change Leadership in Complex Times

Dr. Jim Murray

When Business Week magazine published its 2007 ranking of the top 50 companies in corporate America, the most critical defining attribute of each of these “top performers” was that they never take success for granted and thus are unafraid to change.

I'm Right You're Wrong

Eileen Pease BA, B.Ed., M.Ed.

We are all familiar with that moment when we overreact to something a person has said. We assume that we know exactly what he or she means and we just don’t agree. In response, we assert our own opposing point of view. Inevitably an argument ensues—and sometimes it’s not very pretty.

21st Century Leadership: Have You Got What it Takes?

Dr. Jim Murray

It has been said that, in the 21st century, the very nature, speed and complexity of change will itself change. If that is so, then so too will the nature of leadership. What made leaders yesterday will not form the leaders of tomorrow.

Manage Your Stress - To Optimize Your Performance!

Karen Denega

The professional life of an accountant is often extremely stressful. Deliverables and deadlines steal your time and energy away, leaving little or no time for a personal life. As pressure builds and exacts its mental, emotional and physical toll, the cost of stress in your life increases.

Good Governance - Putting Money in the Bank and Keeping it There!

Michael Gunns FCPA, FCA

The corporate world is awash with talk of improving corporate governance. Boards of Directors are running scared and corporate leaders are finding it difficult to balance achieving success with the increasing burden imposed by this new regime.

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