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Complimentary Webinars


The following complimentary webinars have been offered to CPA Ontario Members in the past, and have now been archived and available for viewing at any time:

A well thought out Code of Conduct can have significant impact on organizational culture. A sound culture fosters an environment where employees can contribute to their full potential without being concerned that they may stray “off-side”. Although most organizations have a Code, many of them warrant revision to better complement the organization’s mission and vision and to make them more “user friendly”. 

The requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) are extensive and will require action. All organizations in Ontario with more than one employee are now required to comply with the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR), which consists of three of the remaining four Standards in the Act: Information and Communications, Employment and Transportation. Is your company prepared? The time to plan for these changes is NOW.

The Canadian workforce continues to become increasingly diverse, with people working longer before retirement, the hiring of younger managers, each with their own distinct style of obtaining and communicating information. Baby boomers, Generation X'ers and Generation Y'ers have different views about everything from where they prefer to get their information and the amount of information they want, to the characteristics of the people they most trust and listen to. These viewpoints have been shaped by the changes in technology, culture, education, and overall standards of living over the course of time. Many of us identify with our own generation group but find the viewpoints and preferences of other generations to be challenging and often confusing to grasp. This course provides an opportunity to consider the research on various generation groups and to better understand what motivates them in the workplace. By understanding the different generations, you will be in a better position to get your message across to team members of all ages and to understand their messages to you.

The Approved Training Offices' area has offered several live webinars for Approved Training Offices. These webinars have now been archived and are available for  viewing at any time.

This hour-long webinar is targeted primarily to CPA, CA Students.  Topics covered include how to fill out an RQE, the difference between and Level 1 and Level 2 proficiency (with illustrative examples) and considerations on how to complete the section relating to reflective thought.  There is a document which provides answers to all the questions posed during the live webinar.

This hour-long webinar was designed mainly for Training Principals and Counselling Members at Approved Training Offices. It provides an overview of the on-going requirements for training Students with a primary focus on mentorship. For purposes of verifiable CPD, a certificate will be issued should participants successfully complete the quiz at the end of the webinar.

CPA Canada also offers an extensive number of webinars (both complimentary and for a nominal fee) through their various newsletters and publications (CA Source, Report on Industry, CA Magazine etc) . For a list of archived and upcoming webinars and to subscribe to their webinar mailing list, pleases visit the CPA Canada Webinar page.


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ICAO/Queen's University Study (2008) - Moving From CA to CFO: A Competency Framework

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