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Disciplinary Cases 

Decisions, Orders and Reasons in Cases involving Disciplinary Proceedings

Written reasons became a requirement for all disciplinary cases in June 1987.  All cases in which a finding of guilty of professional conduct was made are included in this site, as well as Settlement Agreements approved by the Discipline Committee.

Access to the limited number of cases which did not result in any finding of guilt may be arranged through the Secretary to the Discipline and Appeal Committees, Diane Williamson .

Cases may be accessed, as follows:

  • By Rule of Professional Conduct (cites the name of the Member/student/firm involved)
  • Alphabetically by Member/firm name (cites Rule of Professional Conduct involved)


Cases are presented as follows:

  • Older cases: summary as published in the CPA Ontario newsletter CheckMark, charges, decision and order, and Reasons of the Discipline Committee (and, if applicable, the Appeal Committee)
  • Reasons of the Discipline Committee (and, if applicable, the Appeal Committee and related Court decisions) including the charges/allegations and the decision and order
  • Settlement Agreement approved by the Discipline Committee