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Member's handbook

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Member's handbook Web Version (Change 46-L)

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Regulations (sorted numerically):

Regulation 3-1: Council Election Process

Regulation 4-1: Admission to Membership

Regulation 4-2: Dues

Regulation 4-3: Obligations and Standing

Regulation 4-4: Professional Liability Insurance

Regulation 4-5: Continuing Professional Development

Regulation 4-6: Practice Structure

Regulation 4-7: Issuance and Use of Designations

Regulation 6-1: Student Registration

Regulation 6-2: Applicant Registration

Regulation 6-4: Legacy CA Student Registration

Regulation 6-6: CPA Practical Experience Requirement

Regulation 7-1: Complaints

Regulation 7-2: Reviewer of Complaints

Regulation 7-3: Discipline and Appeal

Regulation 9-1: Public Accounting Licensing

Regulation 10-1: Practice Inspection

Rules of Practice and Procedure

Rules of Professional Conduct

Council Interpretations 

Academic Code of Conduct Policy

Academic Prerequisite Review and Recognition Standards Policy

Practical Experience Requirements Policy

CPA PREP Guidelines

CPA PEP Guidelines

Regulations (sorted alphabetically):

Admission to Membership (Regulation 4-1)

Applicant Registration (Regulation 6-2)

Complaints (Regulation 7-1)

Continuing Professional Development (Regulation 4-5)

Council Election Process (Regulation 3-1)

Discipline and Appeal (Regulation 7-3)

Dues (Regulation 4-2)

Legacy CA Student Registration (Regulation 6-4)

Issuance and Use of Designations (Regulation 4-7)

Practice Inspection (Regulation 10-1)

Practice Structure (Regulation 4-6)

Professional Liability Insurance (Regulation 4-4)

Public Accounting Licensing (Regulation 9-1)

Obligations and Standing (Regulation 4-3)

Reviewer of Complaints (Regulation 7-2)

Student Registration (Regulation 6-1)

Revisions Archive

Update #45-A

Update #45-B

Update #46

Update #46-A

Update #46-B

Update #46-C

Update #46-D

Update #46-E

Update #46-F

Update #46-G

Update #46-H

Update #46-I

Update #46-J

Update #46-K

Update #46-L


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