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October 2011


Fall/Winter Seminar Additions

Fall Executive Programs - Limited Spaces Remaining!

Attend The Art of Sales Conference - November 22

Free Online Introduction to Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises

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Fall/Winter Seminar Additions

Our Fall/Winter PD Program is off to a fantastic start, necessitating the addition of four new courses to our schedule in Ottawa:

We'll have many courses running in the coming months - too many to list! By clicking on October, November, December, January or February, you can find a comprehensive list of what’s scheduled in your area. If you would prefer to enhance your search by selecting a specific competency or course leader, visit our online PD catalogue. Courses fill up quickly, so register today to avoid disappointment.

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Fall Executive Programs - Limited Spaces Remaining!

Limited spaces remain in some of our Fall Executive Programs.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring your skills to the next level with game changing programs and facilitators who will challenge you to do away with the comfortable and embrace the possible.

To register or obtain more information on our Executive Programs, contact Lawrence Wong, CA at 416-969-4343, or toll free at 1-800-387-0735, ext. 343.

The Optimal Negotiator – December 11-14, 2011

Arguably, the one skill today’s leaders must possess is the ability to get people to agree with them. Most assuredly in any undertaking of significance, whether personal or business related, knowing how to get others to accept your point of view while seeing themselves as winners is crucial to your success, if not the prosperity of your organization. Indeed, one cannot ever expect to ascend the corporate ladder without a sound grasp of the fundamental negotiating principles and nuances or without the knowledge and skills to emulate those who consistently do it well.

This program is an intensive, universally practical and highly interactive learning experience for those who are serious about wanting to develop their skills beyond mere competence.

Our members tell us:

  • “I wish I had taken this program 30 years ago. The torrent of information and real stories told me how I can get whatever I want. ”
  • “The course will have a solid positive financial impact on my business and positive satisfaction impact for my clients.”
  • “Provided me with invaluable insights into the behavioural changes I need to work on going forward to improve my life at home and in the office.”

Further details about the Optimal Negotiator, including a detailed curriculum and registration information, are available.

The CFO as Navigator – November 16-18, 2011

The 21st century CFO can hear the new message calling from the corporate boardroom : “Step out and go beyond the box”. Long gone are the days where the CFO is primarily focused in the traditional box of accounting and control, financial and management reporting. While Fortune 500 firms can afford the luxury of “silo” management, many organizations now require CFOs to not only understand and appreciate non-financial parts of their business, some are entrusting the CFO with the key responsibilities of information management and corporate strategy.

The CFO as Navigator is designed to make you a complete CFO. It is not meant to convert you into the VP-Human Resources or the Chief Information Officer, but will provide you breadth and depth in key areas such as dashboards, performance metrics and process maps, information management and business intelligence, platform design and creation, corporate strategy, talent management and incentive design.

Our members tell us:

  • “I feel more equipped. More respect for visualization of reports. I can speak “IT” better than I could 3 days ago.”
  • “I have a better insight to the direction our company has gone and can more actively participate.”
  • “Provides a good framework or concepts to take back and decide on implementation.”

Further details about the CFO as Navigator, including a detailed curriculum and registration information, are available.

The Master Strategist – December 11-14, 2011

Are you your organization’s Chief Strategy Officer? Are you a leader in your strategic planning process? Do your peers turn to you for your counsel and direction? Do you want to take your organization in a different direction? Are you looking to begin a ‘real’ strategic planning process within your current culture? This program will help you understand the strategic process that will work best for your organization; learn techniques for aligning your strategic intent with ‘getting it done’; define and implement ways to create a corporate culture that enables timely responses to rapid change in the external environment; why most strategic planning fails; and identify areas to potentially enhance your firm’s growth.

Our members tell us:

  • "The program gave me confidence that you don't have to be a visionary to add value to strategy."
  • “I think it will allow me to set up a framework that has not existed in the past. Planning will make us more effective as a company."
  • “We are struggling with strategic planning and this has provided me with some take-away tools/framework for making some strategic planning decisions.”

Further details about the Master Strategist including a detailed curriculum and registration information are available.

Smart Leaders – Thinking and Innovation Skills for the 21st Century – November 27-30, 2011

The question every competent executive today must ask is whether his or her current thinking style is up to the dictates of an era in which ideas are the raw materials of prosperity. Whether you seek to run your business better, grow it through revenue-focused invention, or transform it entirely, innovation is really about everything you do and how you strategically choose to do it.

If you want to learn how to synthesize pertinent information, challenge conventional wisdom, reconcile paradoxes, focus on what really matters, and create intelligent yet feasible solutions, this program was designed with YOU in mind. What you will discover will likely contradict everything you’ve probably ever been taught about how to solve problems and make the right decisions.

The ability to think better is the most significant competitive advantage you will ever possess. Your ultimate success lies not in what you know but rather in how you think and, therefore, in what you DO with what you know. Only when you can truly think for yourself can you discover your genius and ascend to places and new realities you never thought possible.

Our members tell us:

  • "I now have different methods to unblock my self-imposed barriers – barriers that have prevented me from creating a new vision for my career."
  • "I obtained a lot of tools for ways to instill a culture of innovation within the organizations I lead."
  • “The impact of your techniques of creativity on my firm will be endless – I just need to keep it going.”

Further details about Smart Leaders, including a detailed curriculum and registration information, are available.

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Attend The Art of Sales Conference - November 22

The ICAO is once again pleased to partner with the Art of Productions, which brings The Art of Sales Conference to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on November 22, 2011.

Specifically designed for professionals and entrepreneurs, The Art of Sales is a unique one-day conference featuring five internationally renowned bestselling authors and visionaries, who will share an exciting blend of cutting edge thinking, best practices, current trends and real world experience on today’s most critical sales and marketing issues. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and network with over 2,500 of Canada’s most influential professionals. 

This year’s program features the following speakers and topics:

Detailed biographies and the day’s agenda are available on The Art of Sales web page.

Through this offer, ICAO members can save $50/person when they register for individual tickets and $100/person when they register groups of 3 or more. The regular rate to attend this conference is $399.

Attendees also receive a FREE copy of Seth Godin’s newest book, Poke the Box.  Visit www.theartofsales.ca to learn more and register today using the promo code: ICAO.

Special Draw for Free Tickets

As a thank you for your continued readership, we have a few tickets to The Art of Sales Conference to give away. To enter the draw for tickets, please e-mail us at ICAO_FocusOnPD@icao.on.ca by November 4, 2011, with the subject line “Contest”. We are always open to suggestions; in your e-mail, simply let us know what new courses you would like to see us offer. Kindly include your name and phone number, as winners will be contacted directly. We’ll publish the contest winners in next month’s Focus on PD. Good luck!

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Free Online Introduction to Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises

The CICA has launched a new online course that provides an overview of the new accounting standards for private enterprises (ASPE). Introduction to Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises provides information about the standards and identifies the significant application issues that should be taken into consideration.

“All accounting professionals should have some knowledge of ASPE, particularly those with private-company clients and those working for a private company,” says Gordon Beal, CA, CICA’s Director of Guidance and Support. “The depth of knowledge you need depends on your current job and future career plans. Some people will find this primer course is all they need; others will view it as a strong foundation for future learning.”

The course takes participants through some of the financial reporting options available to Canadian private enterprises by looking at a sample financial statement. It reviews the standards in use by looking at the balance sheet, income statement and cash-flow statement, identifies the main issues and highlights where to look for further guidance. The one-hour course is available to all accounting professionals free of charge. CAs earn a one-hour continuing professional development credit upon successful completion of the course quiz.

You may want to expand on this introduction to ASPE by taking any of the Institute courses on the topic, which include:

  • ASPE – A Comparison to IFRS (one day)
  • ASPE – A Comparison to Part V (one day)
  • ASPE – A Survey of the Standards (two days – also available online)
  • ASPE – Transition (half-day)
  • Business Combinations for Private & Public Enterprises (one day)
  • Financial Instruments for Private Enterprises & Not-for-Profit Organizations (half-day)

Use the online PD Catalogue to search for courses by competency area, keyword in the title, date, duration, seminar leader and location (multiple locations may be selected).

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For more information on any of our seminars or Executive Programs and/or to register, please visit the ICAO Professional Development website at www.icao.on.ca/PD or contact recordspd@icao.on.ca.

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