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Free CPA Tax Clinics


6 clinic(s) were found.
ClinicIntersection / CityTelephone NumberStatusRestrictions
Community Care of West NiagaraCentral/King / Beamsville(905) 563-5822FULL 
Fort Erie Public LibraryCentral/Gilmore / Fort Erie(905) 871-2546FULL 
Niagara Falls Public LibraryMorrison/Victoria / Niagara Falls(905) 356-8080FULL 
Port Colborne Public LibraryElgin/King / Port Colborne(905) 834-6512FULL 
St. Catharines Public LibraryChurch/James / St. Catharines(905) 688-6103FULL 
Welland Public LibraryCross/East main / Welland(905) 734-6210FULL 
Explanatory notes:
Status: When the Agency Coordinator for the clinic has informed CPA Ontario that the clinic is fully booked, status will be change to 'FULL'. For more details, contact the Agency Coordinator at that location.
Restrictions: Some agencies sponsor clinics that are restricted to only their clients or residents within their catchment area. These types of restrictions are noted in the 'Restrictions' column.